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Business Services
About Streamlife

Are you struggling to get more done in less time?  Trying to integrate work and your personal life? Working with both entrepreneurs and employees, from the corner office to the kitchen counter, Streamlife offers custom services to guide you towards greater productivity and peace of mind with proven, practical advice.

Design your own program from the following services, or use them to complement Human Resources Wellness programs, Employee Assistance Plans, or Job Transition Programs.  We invite you to scroll through our list of services and happy clients.  Call us at 647.444.3535 to find out how we can help.


keynotes and workshops  

Let Clare inspire and motivate attendees to adopt best practices for time management, communication, office organization and a healthy approach to work.  Presentations and workshops inform while facilitated discussions can uncover and address important organizational issues.

Choose from an existing array of presentations or have one customized for your team.  We are pleased to offer presentations which offer insights on both personal and professional productivity.

Topics include:

  • Fearless Focus - The boldest way to reclaim your day
  • Mastering the Messenger - A guide to efficient and effective communication
  • LifeTime Management™ - The practical approach to creating a no-regret life 
  • The High Cost of Clutter - Why it pays to be organized
  • Meeting Mania - Make your meeting the one to attend
  • Fight for Focus - The artful way to say 'no' in a 24/7 world
  • The Comfy Office - How to create a productive space for work
Download Clare's Speaker Sheet here. Contact us to book Clare for your next event. 

productivity consulting and coaching

productivity primer

The productivity primer is the way to fast-track your drive for personal and professional productivity.  Beginning with a 50 question survey, we examine your current practices and quickly define where attention is needed.  We then coach you, offering for your consideration relevant strategies and tactics to immediately boost performance. The assessment also serves as a benchmark measure of productivity which we can compare to in future.


- Productivity Assessment - in-depth survey

- 90 minute interview with recommendations

- 2 x 30 minute follow-up calls with the following four weeks

Offered: virtually or in person (requires minimum 3 hour commitment)

Rate: $900 + HST

Our results speak for themselves.  Read about how as reported in The Report on Business, one of our client's tripled her productivity and got a good night's sleep after only 3 hours working together.

"Triple My Productivity!" Package


- Productivity Primer (see above for details)

- 10 x 50 minute phone calls to be completed within six months

- 1 x 30 minute follow-up call four weeks afterwards

Offered: virtually 

Rate: $3000 + HST

Contact us for more details or a custom package on any of the following areas:

VIP 1/2 Day

$1500 + HST

VIP Full Day

$2500 + HST

my productive workstation

Your workstation could be sabotaging your productivity or worse, it could be causing you long term damage.  Schedule your personal workstation productivity review to evolve to a comfortable, efficient environment that is kind to your body. 


- Workstation Ergonomics Assessment 

- Product suggestions

- 1 x 30 minute follow-up call within four weeks

Offered: virtually or in person (on-site visits require a minimum 3 hour commitment)

Rate: $500 + HST

time management

Working with your personal and professional calendar (because they are interrelated), define and implement strategies to better control your use of time.  Includes priority setting, planning and scheduling, setting boundaries, preventing procrastination and more.

effective communication

Poor communication methods can waste massive amounts of time for you and those you interact with.  Examining email management, meetings, and status reports to ensure the employment of best practices.  Be sure you are communicating with the right people, using the right medium for the right amount of time.

space management

Using space planning and design principles we suggest office layouts for maximum comfort and productivity. We can guide your investments in lighting, office furniture and storage while keeping ergonomic principles in mind.

resource management

Implementing sustainable systems to ensure information (whether paper-based or electronic) and supplies can be stored, retrieved and replaced with ease.  This could mean tackling desk clutter, storage areas or stuffed filing cabinets.  It's not about tidying for the sake of it, but rather about speeding up the process of finding what you're looking for. Time: from 30 minutes (phone) or 3 hours (in person).  

ergonomics in the office

Working with an improper posture or with repetitive motions can cause chronic pain and discomfort. Let us analyze the way you and your staff accomplish tasks to make sure you’re not unknowingly causing harm. We can recommend changes to your posture, furniture position or equipment to increase comfort in your work space and boost your productivity. 

effective telework

Well-documented benefits of telework include improvements in productivity, moral, employee recruitment and retention, with notable reductions in absenteeism, stress levels, employee housing costs, and commute times. 

Yet, employees need practical support. The ability to integrate work and personal life is the most important factor in employee decisions to stay with their jobs, yet most companies have no policy or program in place to help.

Ensure remote employee effectiveness through office organizing, time management coaching and the development of communication plans to support sustainable teleworking arrangements. A manager's trust is the key to successful teleworking, and purposeful communication between employees and managers is critical for continued trust. 


"Power-up Your Productivity" Day

Use an event to focus your team on improving productivity.  A productivity consultant will kick off the event to inspire your team with a presentation on the benefits of a productive approach to work.  A team of organizing experts will be on hand for the rest of the day to continue to coach and motivate office de-cluttering, organizing and productivity activities.

Contact us today to make your office work more efficiently and effectively for you and your team.

our clients 

Streamlife Speaking, Workshop and Coaching clients include:

Canadian Bar Association
Canadian Blood Services
Canadian Women's Foundation
CIHR - Institute of Health Services and Policy Research
Developmental Services Ontario
Ehm Media
Facebook Canada
Gennum Corporation  
Lowes Canada 
MaRS Discovery District
Mars Canada
Niagara College
National Association of Professional Organizers
Ontario Centres of Excellence
Ontario Home Economics Assocation
Professional Organizers in Canada
Soberman Crowe Chartered Accountants LLP
Ryerson University
Toronto General and Western Hospital Foundation
University of Waterloo
Women of Influence
Women's Habitat
York Region

Spokesperson clients include:

ACCO Brands Canada
Canadian Tire Corporation
Cutler Modern Living
Fresh Home Elements
Home Products International
Intel Canada
Ikea Canada
Neatfreak Group Inc.
Rubbermaid Canada
Space Solutions
Staples Canada
Talon Systems
Whirlpool Canada


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what clients say...

“I estimate I'm three times more effective now than when I was moving haphazardly through the day.  I couldn't get it all done before. Now I was getting out of the office on time and feeling I had everything in hand. I was also sleeping better because I'm a worrier and thinking about unfinished work kept me from sleeping."

Lisa Constanzo, formerly of Women of Influence, now at Deloitte.

Read the full story as reported by Wallace Immen in the Report on Business.


“Clare is an awesome presenter who engages people very effectively. My team raved about the outcomes from the workshops on time organization that Clare conducted for us."

Mario Thomas, former SVP at Ontario Centres of Excellence.

"Clare is extremely knowledgeable in organizing an office and gave the audience practical tips they could use in their home offices. I'd highly recommend Clare - she's professional, personable and has a great personality to go with it."

Anne Day, Founder, Company of Women

"I have a successful, home-based business - as I have grown the business, I have become more and more disorganized! Clare stepped in and helped me create some “systems” that work – I now can find what I need, when I want it. She also took the time to understand the nature of my business so that she could suggest some time-saving techniques that I have implemented with success. Clare even helped me find the best furniture for my office that is in keeping with the style of my home! I highly recommend Clare’s services and I will be using her services again."

Camille Lawson, Toronto

"I was able to get so much more done after my ergonomic assessment. My neck had been really sore from working with my computer and all it took was raising the computer screen to the correct height to fix the problem. Also, having my files and office supplies in the right places means I don't waste time looking for things. My desk is now a great place to work. Thanks Clare."

Jennifer Richards, Etobicoke


"I hired Clare to help me de-clutter and reorganize my home office. I had been in business for 6 years and needed to reorganize my space. She spent time with me to understand what my current business needs were and from there she helped me orchestrate the change over of my filing system so that paper and electronic files harmonized. This has helped me immensely in operating in a clearer work space with easy access to files when I need them. She also reorganized my personal files as well. A consummate professional."

Joanne McLean, Soulzatwork

what the organizing industry says...

"We loved the segment you did on The Marilyn Denis Show about packing away the holidays, featuring Canadian Tire's holiday storage items. Thank you so much for integrating our products on the show and highlighting their key features so well. We look forward to working with you again!"   

Sandeep Dhaliwal, Public Relations, Canadian Tire


Clare and I worked together on a project for Whirlpool Home Appliances. Clare was professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic through the process, bringing added value to the program time and time again.

Ava Tsinman, Senior Account Manager, Harbinger Communications

 Call 647.444.3535
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